Tennessee Marriages from 1800 to 1900

Keziah Tarkington -Balzam Ezell -1805

Mary (Polly) Tarkington Thomas Duty -1807

Betsy Cox Tarkington - George Pruitt-1807

Isaac Tarkington - Delaney Winslow 1809

Milly (Eliz)–Peter Swanson 1809

Zilpha Tarkington –Jesse Overton–1810

Sylvanus Tarkington–Patsy Alexander–1814

Jesse Tarkington –Milly Timmons–1817

Joseph Tarkington –Amelia Owens–1818

Zelpha Tarkington– William Hassell–1820

Whiting Tarkington–Betsy Cox –1823 -John -Priscilla' son

Eliza Tarkington -Wm. C. Gamble–1823

Charity Tarkington–Thomas Berry –1827

John G. Tarkington –Rebecca Hunter–1827

Asbury Tarkington –Louisa McDowell–1832

Joseph C. Tarkington –Mary Ann Alvis 1848

F.M. Tarkington–Rebecca Anderson 1854

Jas C. Tarkington –Martha Davis–1852

Felix Tarkington – Martha Arrington–1848

Harriet J. Tarkington–John Marks 1850

Martha E. Tarkington –John H. Mark,s 1850–

Sophronia Tarkington (e)–John McCorstin–1849

Jettie Tarkington –Wilson Bunnell–1863

Allen Wesley Tarkington –Edee Rachel Tipton–1867

Mary Elizabeth Tarkington –Pleasant Wear Tipton–1868

William Dillahunt Tarkington 1st–Fannie Sorrell 1878

Hugh W. Tarkington –Mary Lou Bunnell–1881


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